About us

We have, for many years, volunteered with a local animal charity, helping small pets. We started by fostering Gerbils while they were waiting to be adopted into their forever homes, and have since adopted several of our own (some are pictured below). We still foster many Gerbils who come through the doors of the charity.

Over time, we’ve come to love these fascinating and complicated little creatures. We want to share our knowledge with others and we want to provide the best home we can for the Gerbils in our care – whether that be our own adopted pets or the fosters who temporarily reside with us.

While there’s a ton of information on the internet about Gerbil care, we’ve found this can often be out of date, conflicting and incorrect. So, we’ve decided to create this website to share the tips and advice we’ve amassed over the years and help people like yourselves provide the best home you can for the Gerbils in your life.

Please note, that this website offers advice only on Mongolian Gerbils.

Barry & Lyndon
Captain Feeney & Redmond